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Lawn Mowing Services

Lawn Mowing Garden Care
This is the most sought out job in the gardening industry. Nature has programmed the grass to never stop growing. A nicely kept lawn and garden gives tremendous pleasure to the occupants of that home.

We love our job and mowing grass is what we do best.

When a garden is unmaintained and let to go out of control on it’s own then the costs of maintaining and looking after it becomes that much harder.


Our Mowing Services are Great
Here’s a before and after Photos

Before: The condition of the yard before we started fully Mowing & Cleaning the yard. As you can see it has been neglected and is overgrown.


After: This is the cleaned state of the yard after mowing. The tenants have reclaimed their space and can have great summers and backyard activities. In a couple of weeks it will look even better with the colour of the grass shining through it’s leaves.

Lawn MOwing and Cleaning Services


Overgrown grass/lawn can invite pests and creatures of all sizes to move in. These creatures are in your property and a step away from the indoors.

Call us today to talk to you about how we can help restore the tranquility and the cleanliness your garden deserves.

We’ll restore the natural beauty of your lawn and your garden. We all know that a pretty lawn gives great pleasure just looking at it.

A nicely kept lawn also shows your friends that you are someone of high regard.

Show off your lawn to friends and neighbors.

  • We can tailor a package to suite your budget and time frames.
  • We are flexible and can come out in short call.
  • Setup a regular mowing service to maintain your lawn on a regular basis.
  • Choose from weekly, fortnightly, monhtly or any period to suite your need.

Before: This overgrown backyrard needed so much attention. Lot’s of overgrowth that needed more work than the usual.
Melbourne Lawn Mowing Services

After: We’ve mowed the yard to a better looking state. We love mowing so give us a call to do your garden mowing.
Lawn Mowing Services

Oz Garden Services also replants new grass for your front or backyard.
If there’s any patch that needs new grass we can come over and quote you exactly what you can expect and how long it will take to see the green pathways.

Oz Garden Lawn Services Melbourne

Call on Oz Garden Serivces whether you need the whole front yard redone with new lawn or a small patch on the side of the house or a walk way. Eitherway, we can help with all new lawns requirements.

Melbourne Lawn Mowing Services
Lawn Mowing Services

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Lawn Mowing Services South-Eastern Suburbs Melbourne


Lawn Mowing Services

We operate in South-Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne including Brighton, Bentliegh, Moorabbin, Mentone, Braeside, Dingley, Heatherton, Mordialloc, Waterways, Carnegie, Huntingdale, Chadstone, Oakliegh, Mount Waverley, Glen Waverley, Clarinda, Clayton, Springvale, Mulgrave, Dandenong, Keysborough, Noble Park, Monash, Sandown and surrounding suburbs.

Everyone loves lawn that looks like a neat green carpet. So do we!
lawn mowing Melbourne

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