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Mulching Services

Do you need to give your garden a neat and tidy look?

Tidy gardens with mulch can reduce the amount of time spend on tasks such as watering and weeding. It is a water saver in the same time and in the long run will save you money maintaining those areas that are covered with mulch.
Generally, mulching will improve the soil around the plants. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture in summer and prevents weeds from growing.

Mulch also helps the roots of the plants from the cold during the winter months.

The advantages of mulching include:

  • Suppresses weeds,
  • Produces a neat looking garden,
  • Improves soil texture,
  • Deters pests from multiplying,
  • Protects plant roots from the hot summer sun and also from the cold during the winter months,
  • Encourages beneficial soil organisms to rejuvenate the soil beneath.

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