Landscape Designs

lanscaping garden
We Love Creating Beautiful Landscapes
Did you want to make a garden or other area of your yard more attractive by altering the existing design, adding ornamental features, and planting trees and shrubs?

Oz Garden Services can help with your home landscaping needs. Call us or fill out the contact form for more information.

It is amazing how much a site can change with the right landscaping design applied to it. Sometimes, the area feels so calming that you want to put up a tent and live in it.

Landscape Designs
house front side

There are many designs one can come up for landscaping. Every person is different and as such every landscape design is unique as well. There’s the hardscapetypes where patios are the main features and then there’s the softcape types where plants are the majority. Whichever type you are, perhaps someone with a liking for both types, we can help with your requirements.

The end result is always to have an appealing site that invites you in and enjoy it’s beauty. We listen to what you have to say and we will get as much detail as possible to landscape the site towards your liking.

Oz Garden Services with professional landscapers modifies the visible features of an area of land to bring out the natural beauty to the surface. Making it more pleasurable to look at.

Before & After
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House Back Side
House Front Side
House Side Garden
Natural Grass
Natural Grass
lanscaping garden
The details in lanscaping

Understanding the site, studying and observing it’s shape and colour along with it’s vicinity to surrounding areas is what gives birth to our landscaping projects, by bringing out the beauty to the observer.

Each area that requires landscaping development needs to be studied and a design to be built from there on. Whatever the outcome of the design, suitable plants, pavements, foot paths, trees and even fence colouring can do wonders to the site in question.

Landscape design typically involves an input of ones artistic composition and artisanship, horticultural expertise together with emphasis on detailed site conceptualisation through to final construction.

Whatever you desire during our initial consultation please make sure you communicate this clearly to us for a perfect outcome.

lanscaping garden
Behind the House Before & After Landscaping
lanscaping before
lanscaping after

Landscaping Plans and Designs

The biggest mistake in anything that requires artistic input is by far going about doing lanscaping without a good plan. Landscape design plans are a way to get the job done precisely as imagined. It is a visual aid that enables the owner and us into creating a stunning landscaped site.

Many factors are taken into consideration during this phase to come up with the best design. A landscaper will create a plan based on your needs. From your needs we provide a design that takes into consideration things like, neighbours, the land alevation, the proximity to the road, wind, sun and the amount of space. Many other factors also play a role like existing trees and fencing. So much thought, knowledge and understanding goes into creating the landscape design.

Oz Garden Services Landscape professionals can help you transform your property to it’s glory.

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